Certificates, knowledge and skills for a successful IT career

    Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College provides you with practical skills and experience necessary for managing a successful business or working at top-level, well-paid positions in large IT companies.

    The curriculum and learning environment are tailored to the needs and lifestyle of aspiring people who are interested in professional development and high-earning positions.

    We have two simple goals for you. The first one is for you to advance and become a well-paid expert. The second one is to provide you with an academic experience you will fondly remember. Learn more »

    Become an IT engineer or economist

    ITEP students attend advanced programs and obtain relevant skills for well-paid positions in IT and economics.

    Modern academic program

    ITEP’s curriculum has been approved by relevant institutions, which ensures its diplomas are recognized and respected. Each student can choose between two academic programs: Computer and Information Technology,Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and Accounting and Audit. The programs can last for three or four years, depending on the one you opt for. Choose an academic program »

    Education in accordance with the requirements of the digital world

    In order to maximize the learning results, we use all the possibilities of modern technology and numerous career advancement resources.

    Software-based learning

    Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College uses an advanced learning platform which enables you to enhance your skills with multimedia materials, tests and online interaction with professors. Learn more »

    Career advancement resources

    In addition to the latest knowledge on strategies, methods and techniques applied in the world of information technology and modern business, you will gain access to numerous educational resources and services enabling you to quickly find a well-paid job and have a successful career. Learn more »

    Choose a program for a high-paying job:

    If you want to work in the fastest growing industry and find a high-paying job, study in the Computer and Information Technologies study program where you will learn everything you need to realize your dreams.

    After completing the 4-year study program Computer and Information Technologies, you will be qualified to work in the field of software design, development and implementation. In addition, studying at this program will provide you with an engineering degree in computer and information technologies worth 240 ECTS credits. Studying at this program will allow you to specialize in one of the following areas of IT: Computer Design, Information or Computer Science.

    Acquire useful knowledge that will allow you to design and develop financial and investment plans, manage the entire business life cycle, implement adequate technologies and research, create action strategies, forecast economic events, share useful advice, and many other things.

    This study program may last three or four years, after which you will be awarded an applied degree in economics, worth 180 ECTS, or a bachelor’s degree in economics, worth 240 ECTS credits. Regardless of the duration of your studies, you can expand your knowledge and specialize in one of the following areas of modern business: Public Administration, Management, Financial Management and Banking.

    Market research has shown that our region is in need of economists specializing in accounting and auditing. If you are looking for a study program that will prepare you for this occupation, this is a perfect program for you.

    Studying in the Accounting and Auditing study program guarantees a high quality education that creates qualified professionals ready to engage in a fierce international competition, especially in the field of production, services, financial market, and stock market. This program is designed for training future accountants and auditors for middle-level and senior-level financial corporate positions. Due to a significant percentage of economics-related content, education in this program will allow you to successfully perform all jobs that require the knowledge of business economics. Upon graduation, you will be awarded an applied degree in economics, specializing in accounting and auditing, worth 180 ECTS credits.


    How to choose?
    What are the differences between higher education institutions?

    What distinguishes us from other esteemed higher education institutions is the fact that, in addition to expertise and practical knowledge, you will gain other skills necessary for success in your academic field. Also, numerous globally recognized qualifications and certificates will enable you to keep one step ahead of others.

    At home or at work – learn whenever and wherever you want

    All students have access to software-based learning. Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College has designed a unique e-learning technology that allows students to attend courses using a distance learning system that meets the highest educational standards.

    You can attend lectures, read materials, do tests and assignments and interact with professors and consultants online, as if you were in a classroom.

    Even better, you can do this whenever you want, from any location – your office, living room or a cafe. All thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

    The benefit of this form of learning is that you can gain valuable skills and globally recognized certificates by learning just an hour a day, at home or at work. To learn more about distance learning at ITEP, click here.