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About the school

In addition to a top-quality academic environment, state-of-the-art equipment and a highly professional teaching staff, the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College provides its students with the latest scientific and professional IT, business economics, entrepreneurship and finance skills used in modern business and dynamic economic settings.

In order to maximize learning results and enhance the quality of our work, we use everything modern technology has to offer, conduct regular quality analysis, adjust to students’ needs and respond to feedback.

Mission and goals

Our mission is to impart contemporary and applicable skills in economics and IT. We believe that education is much more than just instruction, the implementation of a relevant and applicable curriculum, content, knowledge distribution and exams.

Our task is to help our students, in every possible aspect, to be better and more successful, and build new or enhance current careers. Our goal is to provide maximum support to anyone in search of knowledge.


ITEP offers two accredited undergraduate courses: Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and Computer and Information Technology. The three- and four-year courses are designed to create the most sought-after experts in business and IT.

Students who opt for the Business Economics and Entrepreneurship course earn a bachelor’s degree in economics worth 180 ECTS credits after three years or 240 ECTS credits after four years.

The Computer and Information Technology academic program is a four-year course providing students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science worth 240 ECTS credits.

By completing the three-year Accounting and Auditing study program, you will obtain an applied degree in economics, specializing in accounting and auditing worth 180 ECTS credits.

We place special emphasis on the students’ active participation in the learning process, the cooperation and interaction between the students and the professors, and the involvement of everyone in the instruction design and implementation process. At ITEP, we use modern educational and didactic methods which include:

  • working in small groups,
  • mentorship and direct contact with professors,
  • linking theory with practice through case study analysis,
  • teamwork and developing interpersonal skills.

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The professors at the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College have two important qualities: expertise in their respective fields and the ability to convey knowledge. They have notable business accomplishments and are willing to share their expertise in IT, management, marketing and sales, finance, people management and the development of strong leadership skills. Even better – they are ready to show you how to profit from your skills. Read more »

Memberships and partnerships

ITEP successfully cooperates with authorities in economy and education, both in the country and abroad. Owing to the fact that ITEP is part of the large LINKgroup education system accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education, our students are eligible for a free one-year professional training program allowing them to obtain some of the most prestigious certificates in IT, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance. Read more »