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Accounting and Auditing – Studies that will place you among the select few

Market research has shown that our region is in need of economists specializing in accounting and auditing. If you are looking for a study program that will prepare you for this in-demand occupation, this is a perfect program for you.

By completing the Accounting and Auditing study program, you will meet all the requirements needed to immediately land a job where you will be able to apply all the knowledge you have acquired and launch a successful career.

The Accounting and Auditing study program allows you to acquire a wide range of useful and socially viable competencies which imply a practical application of acquired knowledge. It is designed for training future accountants and auditors for middle-level and senior-level financial corporate positions. Due to a significant percentage of economics-related content, education in this program will allow you to successfully perform all jobs that require the knowledge of business economics.

Studying in this study program guarantees a high quality education that creates qualified professionals ready to engage in a fierce international competition, especially in the field of production, services, financial market, and stock market.

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What will you learn?

The Accounting and Auditing study program allows the acquisition of general competencies based on comprehensive business and economics education. This means that you will acquire a wide range of knowledge, skills and competences in the field of modern business needed for a successful development and management of one’s own business venture, and to increase the competitive advantage of the company you are employed in.

By successfully completing this study program, you will prepare yourself for an active and successful participation in the labor market, and consequently, public or private companies where you will find a place of your own.

During studies, you will acquire competencies and skills needed to perform various tasks in the field of accounting and auditing. This means that you will be prepared to perform different tasks demanding the ability to formulate and launch, as well as realize one’s own entrepreneurial ideas and programs within small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, you will be able to perform lower and medium complexity tasks in small, medium-sized, and large enterprises.

Studying in this program will allow you to:

  • acquire competencies needed to manage medium and higher-level complexity business systems;
  • acquire the knowledge needed to perform and manage various accounting tasks in different enterprises;
  • acquire the ability to organize accounting, manage accounting records, and make decisions related to accounting and auditing;
  • perform tasks pertaining to the internal control process, as well as internal and external auditing;
  • apply modern methods and procedures in the business process organization;
  • plan, collect and analyze large amounts of data;
  • familiarize yourself with the software packages necessary for independent bookkeeping;
  • launch your own business ventures;
  • realize your entrepreneurial ideas in the market.

Where can you work?

Upon graduation from the Accounting and Auditing study program, students will be awarded an applied degree in economics, specializing in accounting and auditing, worth 180 ECTS credits.

Thanks to a wide range of multidisciplinary knowledge you will acquire in this study program, you will have no problem landing a job. In other words, this degree will prepare you:

  • for employment in all business entities in different accounting positions (accountant, balance sheet accountant, general ledger accountant, account balance accountant, material accounting accountant, inventory accounting accountant, fixed assets accountant, salary accountant, tax accountant);
  • for managerial positions in accounting and management accounting in commercial and non-commercial organizations;
  • for lower and medium-level managerial positions in different business entities;
  • positions relating to internal, external and state audit;
  • for financial manager positions;
  • for financial analyst positions;
  • for launching your own startup company.

Study from home or office

All students who are unable to attend lectures due to their personal and professional commitments may follow lectures remotely, catch up with everything they may have missed, and download educational materials thanks to the unique e-Learning platform. This way, the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College has allowed everyone to acquire knowledge in accordance with the highest education standards.

The distance learning platform allows students to follow lectures online, read materials, solve tests and assignments, and interact with professors and consultants as if you were in the classroom.