The Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College offers courses lasting three or four years.

Before you decide on an academic program, we would like you to know that you can obtain an esteemed ITEP degree after three or four years of studying depending on the course you opt for. Computer and Information Technology is a four-year course providing students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science worth 240 ECTS credits.

Students who opt for the Business Economics and Entrepreneurship course earn a bachelor’s degree in economics worth 180 ECTS credits after three years and are eligible for the fourth academic year. This degree is valuable regardless of whether the student chooses to enroll into the fourth year, the completion of which earns them a bachelor’s degree worth 240 ECTS credits.

The third study program, Accounting and Auditing allows you to acquire an applied degree in economics, specializing in accounting and auditing, worth 180 ECTs credits after three years.

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