The Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College uses an advanced and unique learning support platform designed to facilitate the students’ learning experience.

The learning support platform is an additional resource which allows students to expand their knowledge through multimedia materials, tests and online interaction with professors (chat sessions), all of which fully facilitates knowledge acquisition. The platform, modeled on the leading global platforms, changes constantly with the development of information technology and provides students with a top-quality learning environment.


Each ITEP subject has a corresponding course on the platform which you can use as an additional learning resource. The courses are comprehensive, additional online materials classified into modules and units. They contain a plethora of teaching elements, texts, tests and multimedia elements in audio and video format.


On the learning support platform, students can follow videos of lectures on key curriculum topics which the professors deem particularly important and whose understanding requires more time and effort. The recorded lectures contain corresponding course lessons and additional learning materials.


What is the most efficient method to test your knowledge? The wealth of tests from our database. For each subject, we have a large collection of tests split into several groups containing hundreds of questions. These allow you to test your knowledge after each lesson or unit. The system automatically calculates your percentage and score and highlights the errors you have made.


Another ITEP benefit is the chat consultation with professors. This is an additional channel of real-time communication which allows you to interact with the entire teaching staff. In addition, you have the option to follow the listing of completed consultations which can serve as a valuable source of information in case you have missed some of the appointments.


Students can access the learning support platform 24/7. This means that they can use it in accordance with their other obligations and activities. The system has numerous functionalities depending on the subject:

  • video lectures,
  • audio recordings,
  • online texts,
  • PDF materials for each unit,
  • ppt presentations and other elements posted by the professors accordingly,
  • unit and module testing.


The communication and notification system allows for the full interaction of all participants in the distance learning process, through the following elements of synchronous and asynchronous communication:

  • personal and system messages in DLS,
  • forum posts,
  • chats within DLS,
  • sending personal messages through DLS as a form of 1-1 user interaction,
  • sending group messages through DLS as a form of 1-to-many interaction,
  • notifications on consultations at the school for each subject multiple times during a semester,
  • automatic system messages to users regarding: assigned courses, unlocked modules, assigned tests, scores, etc.
  • system messages to professors and associates informing them on the students’ papers, questions, completed tasks and tests, etc.
  • file exchange between users
  • assigning credits (points) to users for completed tasks
  • locking/unlocking modules which allows the user to navigate through a course
  • sending news and notifications to users via a mailing list; the students receive notifications about new messages and activities automatically when logging in to the system.


The ITEP platform is a learning support software and an additional resource for accessing the learning materials.

The students can learn at their own time and pace, meaning they are not obliged to follow all subjects simultaneously. The subjects comprise a specific number of modules which the students can open and complete in accordance with their own schedule. Tasks from different subjects in the same semester are not interconnected. In addition to attending traditional classes, the students are advised to follow the learning materials on the learning support platform.