Apply now ‒ enrollment at reduced prices is underway!

Enroll now and study for just KM 1,800

We have provided a 45% tuition fee reduction for students who opt for early bird enrollment! This means that the tuition fee is KM 1,800 paid as a lump-sum payment or KM 167 in 12 monthly installments.

The full price is KM 3,300 per year and if you enroll now, you can save as much as KM 1,500 and get the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge programs, software-based learning and a plethora of academic benefits. In addition, after completing the three- or four-year Business Economics and Entrepreneurship program, you will obtain a degree in economics, or a degree in computer science after completing the four-year Computer and Information Technology program. Completing the three-year Accounting and Auditing study program will provide you with an applied degree in economics, specializing in accounting and auditing.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?

We want candidates who recognize the advantages of an academic program providing you with practical skills and training for a profitable career. In order to create a dynamic atmosphere for obtaining new skills, we strive to have students of different qualities and talents.

What is your first step?

If you’re thinking about studying at the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College, it’s best to become acquainted with our curriculum and the benefits we offer our students. Here you can find detailed information about the ITEP curriculum.

It’s the perfect moment to make the right choice!

Your future is defined by your choice of school. Every young person wants to know whether they are making the right decision, and in this case, it refers to choosing the calling that will bring you spiritual and financial fulfillment. Regardless of your current position in life, there is always a choice.

There are many reasons why the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College is the perfect choice for you and each person will find their own reason.

Therefore, only you can decide whether you are ready to become our student.

Knowledge and skills for a successful career!

Attending our school will give you the opportunity to land a highly-paid job in IT and economics. Our curriculum has been tailored to the needs of the digital world and modern business, paving the way for a successful career in a top corporate position or at the helm of your own lucrative project.


Fill out and call us at 051/303-527. Upon registering, you will have an interview with our enrollment adviser for class 2021/22. During the interview, apart from providing us with information about yourself, help us understand your talents, ambition and desire for advancement. The adviser will provide you with details about the entry exam, including the time and date, as well as the necessary enrollment documentation.

The number of places is limited

In order to maintain the highest quality of instruction and mentoring, each year we enroll a limited number of students. Check whether there are any places available, use this opportunity and apply now.

Enrollment for class 2021/22 is underway and the tuition fees will soon be higher!

The sooner you enroll, the less you will pay. This is our way of rewarding the candidates who have shown the willingness and determination to choose our school. You can save KM 1,800 if you register today:

Business Economics and Entrepreneurship
Promotional price Full price 12 installments
KM 1,800 3300 KM KM 167
Computer and Information Technology
Promotional price Full price 12 installments
KM 1,800 3300 KM KM 167
Accounting and Audit
Promotional price Full price 12 installments
KM 1,800 3300 KM KM 167

Reserve your place at the most favorable prices:

Payment methods:

  • 10% discount for an advance lump-sum payment,
  • 5% discount for a two-installment payment,
  • 12 monthly installments during the school year at a price increased by 10%,
  • Special discounts for two or more employees from the same company and their family members. For more information, please call: 051/303-527.

Registration documents:

  • high school diploma,
  • original certificate of completion for all high school years,
  • birth certificate,
  • copy of personal ID (certification not required), original for inspection,
  • two photos (3.5×4.5 cm).