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Lecture live stream

Students of the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College have at their disposal numerous benefits designed to enhance the entire learning system and enable them to acquire the most sought-after skills and knowledge.

Online classes via live stream are one of the benefits available to ITEP students at all times. In the Live Class section on the e-learning platform, you will find the links with the timetable for upcoming lectures.


Live stream was introduced into the learning system as an additional resource whose aim is to enhance education and make the learning process even more efficient. It allows students to watch the lecture they are unable to attend physically; this way, they will never miss a lesson. In addition, all the lectures are stored in the Video Archive, which enables the students to subsequently revise whenever they want.

Video Archive

In order to further facilitate ITEP students’ learning process, we have provided them with the option to view the lectures after the Live Stream, using the Video Archive. The students can access the Video Archive in the Learning Menu section on the e-learning platform.

The students can also access the Video Archive in the course itself. The Archive is easy to navigate and is fully adapted to the students’ needs. The link to the Archive allowing students to view the lectures for a particular course is available in the options.

This is one of the many benefits ITEP provides for its students. We constantly strive for top-quality services at the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College, as we believe this to be the right path towards a successful IT career for our students.