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Platform for Students

What is the Platform for Students?

The Platform for Students is a system designed and implemented so as to provide students with a top-notch user experience with regard to the exchange of information with their colleagues and the teaching staff. The constantly maintained and enhanced online platform is available to each student 24/7.

About the platform

Using the platform connected to ITEP’s Information System saves valuable time the users would otherwise spend waiting for different services and dealing with various forms. Such a system enabled us to constantly develop and enlarge our knowledge base comprising presentations from lectures, tests, published papers, teaching plan topics, etc. This platform provides students with all the information they need to strategically manage their studies.

Learning materials

After each class, the lectures are published on the Platform for Students from ITEP’s Information System. This provides students with limitless access to the entire content of the lectures. It is a very useful functionality as it allows the students to follow any classes they missed. In addition, the fact that all the materials are available online helps the students focus solely on the lecture without having to take notes.


In this section of the Platform, the students can electronically register for exams, see the entire exam schedule and their exam results.


The students can at all times access the timetable of classes, practicals and consultations. Also, this section of the Platform provides them with information regarding working days, non-working days, enrollment and examination deadlines.

List of obligations

The users can at all times see their curriculum obligations and their school rights and commitments.

Practice tests

The professors publish interactive online tests designed to help the students master the content. This facilitates learning and enables the students to advance and successfully pass exams.

Online library

The online library allows students to see the content, description and number of copies of books available in the ITEP library. The students can also reserve books which are currently taken.

Personal chart

The personal chart contains student information which they can update for data accuracy purposes. Also, the students can change their access password in order to prevent unauthorized logins. All personal data is confidential and can be accessed solely by the students of the Information Technology, Economics and Entrepreneurship College.

Rules and regulations

The students can at all times access this section of the Platform which provides information regarding their rights and obligations throughout their studies, as well as other documents and guidelines.